Hello! I’m Fred Snyder

Developer, designer, and data enthusiast.

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Freelance developer with a design background. I love working with data, digital technology, automation, and information. How and why are my favorite questions. Designing tools and contemplating ways to automate or optimize processes are my favorite pastimes.

Since 2012, I have successfully delivered over 150 diverse projects in the fields of design, development, and marketing.

Why you should hire me

My experience as a self-employed professional brings a unique combination of creativity, autonomy, and production skills to any organization.

⚫ Curiosity, self-motivation, and a passion for learning drive me to experiment with digital technologies. I publish that “research” on Kaboom Shebang and Bullet Points.

Looking for..

My ideal role would be one that involves automation, working with data, or data-driven projects that require analytical and problem-solving skills.

⚫ I am looking forward to transitioning into a full-time position. This will allow me to concentrate on a single role, contribute to a professional environment, and deepen my expertise.

Relevant experience

  • Dec. β€˜21 - present _ Data/development
    • Part-time self-education
      • Decided to pivot towards professional engineering, development, and data-related roles.
      • Tasked myself with acquiring new skills and completed courses on frontend, backend, data, and operations.
      • Successfully expanded my skill set and created a portfolio of demo projects.
        • JavaScript, React, Nextjs, Svelte, Node, Python, SQL, Docker, Linux, AWS, Lambda, CI/CD

  • Aug β€˜15 - Apr β€˜17 _ Design/frontend
    • Freelance front-end templating and 3d-artist for various agencies
      • Agencies: “Minivegas”, “A friend of mine”
      • Various projects: Specsavers, Philips, Gemeentemuseum
      • Weekly sprints, templating with HTML/SCSS/BEM, Git, Jira
      • Gfx pipeline: Maya, Nuke, Arnold, UE4 and Houdini.

  • 2012 - present _ Design/frontend
    • In total, I have successfully delivered over 150 diverse projects for almost 40 clients.
      • Since β€˜16 Freelance web-developer
        • Expanded my offerings by adding web design, development, and other related services.
        • Utilized various technologies like:
          • Webflow, Integromat, Shopify, and Django
          • and more recently React.js, Next.js, and Svelte.js.
      • Since β€˜12 Freelance (3d)-designer
        • Worked primarily with clients in the real estate sector, as well as other industries, requiring 3D visualizations, animations, and other design to showcase their projects.
        • Responsible for creating and delivering customized designs in accordance with client objectives, expectations, requirements, and budgets, while following established goals and schedules.
        • Utilized various techniques to produce high-quality deliverables and collaborated with external professionals on larger or fast-turnaround projects to meet deadlines and ensure successful outcomes.
        • Successfully delivered numerous high-quality projects, enhancing both hard and soft skills, such as communication, sales, planning, budgeting, and project management.

Recent projects

  • 🟠 Dashboard demo
    Developed an AWS serverless function with FastAPI and built a React.js frontend with the MUI component framework. Includes charts and graphs to visualize data sourced from various public datasets and APIs.
    • Backend: AWS, Lambda, Github CI/CD, Docker, Python, FastAPI, PyTest, Airtable
    • Frontend: React.js, MUI, Recharts, ApexCharts, Nivo, Leaflet.js

  • Automation workflow
    IT Consultancy Proposo: optimized a time-consuming data update process by automatically moving information to-and-from the client’s CRM app. By connecting APIs, I transformed workflows into 1-click solutions. Designed, built, tested, and documented the application(s).
    • Tools: Pipedrive API, Webflow API, Javascript, Integromat

  • Demo Apps/UI/UX:

More personal and client projects built with: Next.js, Django, Node, Express, and Svelte.

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I write and publish long-form articles on Kaboom Shebang and notes on

  • Recent articles and bullet-points:
    • Linux: Nix as a powerful utilities package manager. βž”
    • Linux: Create a Bash fuzzy search command-line function. (Coming soon) βž”
    • Blockchain: Born by smart-contract. How to create an Ethereum smart contract. βž”


Currently Data analytics and SQL courses, DataCamp

2018 Coursera, Python for Everybody Specialization, University of Michigan

2012 Coursera, Learn to Program: The Fundamentals (Python), University of Toronto


2006 - 2009
University of Amsterdam, Information Sciences, no degree attained.


πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Read more about me and my background as a 3d-graphics designer.


I’m currently available for freelance gigs or for a long term project/contract. Please contact me on this anti-spam email: [email protected]. You can also use this contact form, or connect on LinkedIn.